My Love

Jenny Royalty LeeOne of the things I notice about myself is that I talk a lot about my kids publicly in raving terms…but don’t as much about my wife.  Truth is, part of that is her desire to not be out in front too much (she might even kill me for writing this!)  But the truth also is that I take her for granted too much.

A family at Suncrest who means the world to us offered to take our kids from church on Sunday through Monday so Jenny and I could get away on our own.  We did that over the last two days and it was obvious all over again what a gift I have in her.

There is the obvious to anyone…she is beautiful in every way.  Her consistent sacrifice (and sometimes extreme sacrifice) is the only thing that makes it possible for me to lead people toward Christ.  Our kids are incredible…because of her. 

And there is the less obvious to those who don’t know her…her inner strength, her attention to details (someone has to!), her giving spirit to our neighbors and friends and family.

I love my kids, but I love Jenny more.  And I’m confident I’ll show this little note to my children someday when they are older and they will be glad I have chosen that distinction.

~ by Greg Lee on June 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “My Love”

  1. God has blessed you in soooo many ways!! I’m thrilled you and Jenny were able to get away by yourselves, that’s so important for you both. The statement you made is a great example for your kids.

  2. My dad frequently reminds all five of his kids that he loves Mom more. I don’t mind. It has set a great example and helps remind Andrew and me to enjoy our B.C. years and look forward to our empty nest years together.

  3. I definitely believe you’re right. Be sure to save that for your kids, but also say stuff like that in front of them all the time. You guys are the best!

  4. Aww, that’s so sweet! And to think, you said it even after she beat you in Scattergories!

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