Small Milestones

flight sim Lee,_GregJack graduated from preschool last night.  He will be in Kindergarten this fall.  Seems simple enough.  It’s not like he’s leaving home.  Still, it was enough to stir something in me. 

I talked this week with one of our staff who’s oldest is also going to school in the fall.  Can’t decide if we are overly sentimental or acknowledging a real shift in life…or just realizing WE are getting old.

Even if I’m just getting old, there are plenty of things that bring out “the boy” in any of us guys.  I mentioned the real 737 flight simulator I got to take off and land last week.  Just got this picture sent to me.

~ by Greg Lee on May 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Small Milestones”

  1. Love the pic. I think it makes us feel old. I know I do this year. Our precious grandaughter we have raised, Elizabeth, is graduating from 8th grade and going into high school.

  2. All my kids were together last night. Laure (my oldest) will turn 30 in October. Talk about realizing how old you are! Ha!

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