2 meetings. 1 story.

typerwriter-edited--sepiaI had breakfast this morning with a doctor who attends suncrest.  He’s a down-to-earth guy, but his profession is as white collar as they come.  I was glad to meet with him because I’m always trying to understand the different worlds that people live in and he was very transparent about his struggles.  He started to tear up more than once and was also very kind in his words about the difference suncrest had made in his life and referenced how much Jared’s message meant to him on Sunday.  More than once, he used the phrase “If you would have known me before…”

I had a meeting this afternoon with a guy who knows how to do almost anything with his hands.  His job is as blue collar as they come.  He sits in the back row every sunday at our 8:00 service…except for this coming Sunday when he’ll be on stage getting baptized.  His life had a lot of hurt and pain and ANGER…and for a long time the attempted relief was alcohol.  No more.  He started to tear up telling about how he had re-encountered God at suncrest and referenced how much Doug’s message at our passion services impacted his heart.  He kept coming back to the phrase “If you had known me before…”

Suncrest, you inspire me as you are used by God to change lives.

~ by Greg Lee on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “2 meetings. 1 story.”

  1. What an amazing life you live, Greg. I am emotional just reading about those two meetings you had. I know your life as a pastor has lots of emotional ups and downs – I can’t imagine how exhausting that must be but I am sure glad that you are in that position. I envy your awareness of where you are in life and your purpose. I love seeing people’s lives changing and coming to God and you are so blessed to be in the front row of so many stories. And the coolest thing is that these are not just stories – these are LIVES! It’s amazing. God bless you, Greg! I’m blessed to know you.

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