our staff

You gotta love our staff.  We have a great support staff that handles office/custodial stuff, but here are some random thoughts on our ministry staff team.

Always in transition.At our staff meeting today, we had one new person at the table (Andy, our Leadership Resident) and one in his last meeting (Nathan, our student ministry intern).  Next week a new student ministry intern begins.  Last month we said good-bye to Kevin Richardson and Patti Richardson.  Coming on board was Jason Paradis.  We are searching for a part-time children’s staff member to replace Patti.

Amazing Stability.  That last paragraph might have sounded like we have high turnover, but everyone of thsoe positions was part-time or a designated internship.  Among the 7 full time staff, everyone has been with us between 2 years (Bobby Jackson) and 15 years (Sue Hertzfeldt, who helped start the church).

Carrying the load…we are always coaching our staff to be leaders/equippers instead of doers.  It is Biblical, but it is also a practical necessity.  We have less staff now than we did 2 years ago, but we are serving a congregation that is 30% larger. across 2 locations.

-Enjoying life.  There is a lot of laughter in our staff meetings.  I can’t say we all love everything we do, but there is always a sense of shared mission and great purpose.  That makes it fun.

-A dash of conflict.  I thought today was one of the best staff meetings we have had in a while.  Why was it so good?  There was candid disagreement among people.  Obviously conflict can go in an unhealthy direction, but I love what we have pretty frequently:  Two or more people with very strong convictions about how God might work through our ministry…and able to disagree without being “disagreeable”.  It’s through these conversations we get to the best solutions.

~ by Greg Lee on May 27, 2009.

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