I think I’m checking out from this blog for the weekend.  We’ve got big family plans for the weekend in our hometowns.  Maybe I’ll get some pictures up on Monday.

As I drove into my hometown today, we got stuck behind a tractor.  I mentioned it on my twitter/facebook update.  Here’s the funny thing.  Within an hour, this technology had interaction with…

-a person from the church I grew up in

-a childhood friend who’s dad was the minister for a few years at the church I grew up in (now in North Carolina)

-a suncrest person who is from near my hometown

-a childhood friend who I grew up across the street from (now in Iowa)

-a college friend who misses Illinois

I know Camp Point, IL is a great town, but who would have thought it would generate so much conversation.  It’s just amazing to me how technology gets us all talking to each other…I’m pretty sure people have it all wrong when they say today’s technology makes us less relational.

~ by Greg Lee on May 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “unplugging”

  1. Greg,
    I read your blog here about getting stuck behind a tractor and couldn’t help but recall the many times I have done the same here in and around “Lowelltucky” as all northern Lake County friends love to call where we live! To help me “cope” with crawling along at perhaps 20 MPH I remind myself of all that awesome corn on the cob, fresh veggies, wonderful strawberries etc etc that the man on that tractor seat produces! Besides, I find that 99.9% of the farmers will pull over as soon as they safely can and let all of us “speedsters” zoom by him. Besides, isn’t it nice to be able to glance to the left & right of us and see all the ways that God has blessed this country!! Love the photo!

  2. You couldn’t find a better picture of a tractor than that one?? Don’t believe any farmers have corn quite that tall on May 23!!

  3. Just fyi…we have been living in Kansas, south of KC for about 7 years now…if in fact you were talking about me!


    • Yeah, I do a great job at keeping up, eh? At least Iowa was in there somewhere, right?

      What’s the name of the town in Kansas?

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