What is next for suncrest?

 After much discussion with our elders and staff I asked our ministry leaders and group leaders to think and pray with us as we clarify our large scale expansion plans/ideas for the future.

I’m going to share them here, at the same time knowing that things can always change and unforeseen opportunities can arise, especially since we are a community of…FAITH.

   1.  Launch a 3rd campus somewhere on the 20 minute radius circle around St. John.

   2.  Make a major investment of $$$ and leadership into our ministry partners/church planters in Liberia, Africa.

   3.  Launch an online campus.

   4.  Begin a non-Sunday morning service at the St. John campus (possibly Saturday evening, but open to other possibilities).

A few reflections of my own on this:

-all of these would take significant resources.  This includes finances, but are also about volunteers, leaders, time, and energy.

-At our best projections,we can likely only do 2 of these 4 as we look to 2010 and push the others deeper into the future…

I’d love your feedback on this with one qualifier.  Don’t give me your feedback on your personal preference.  Give me your feedback based on which initiatives you think would best fulfill our mission — to be used by God to change lives.


~ by Greg Lee on May 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “What is next for suncrest?”

  1. Very EXCITED to see that you are looking into 2010 and of all of the options you have shown us. #4 Is AWSOME!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a Saturday evening Church Service from Suncrest for a LONG, LONG time. That would be my #1 answer to you guys. I remember when my father and mother first started and helped with getting the Church established and the Church was at Lake Central High School. I would attend the Saturday night servuce. I hope this helps you and that other people will feel the same way as I do.

    Jody Heim

  2. I was reminded in a poignant article this week that dressing up content is not the best solution. Focusing on the content and then finding the best way to disseminate information is what yields the most. With that in mind, I think #2 works insomuch as the $ or water filtration system is primarily used as a platform for the Gospel. I know it is assumed and it is easy for a clean-water drinker to say, but the mission is to bring Christ and His message so that we might truly have changed lives both now and in the future. The online campus is probably the second most risky in my mind and therefore has the second greatest potential. In this case to make it viable, I believe we have to not just re-package information, but lead a discipling relationship through this medium.
    Regardless, love that we are seeking to move beyond current comfort levels and doing whatever we can to help people that don’t know Jesus.

  3. Working in retail as I do, I have often wished for a Saturday night service. Or any time other than Sunday morning. I’m thankful to get Sunday mornings off, but not everyone does. It might be possible to build a community around people who never get Sundays off, and maybe something out-of-the-box would work for them. Maybe out-of-the-building, too.

  4. #3 & #4 certainly = more investment in time than investment in $$$ therefore more forseeable for the very near future.
    On-line campus perfect for shut-ins and out-of-towners. With this tool, as long as we have access to the internet, no one would have to miss a sermon. Sat night service has been long-awaited by many. Start by putting your feelers out and polling the volunteers to determine your coverage for this new time slot. By offering more options, our church family can still attend summer functions etc without skipping worship.

  5. Without reading any of the other responses, my immediate response is AFRICA! I love the other options but they are not really life-changing. I get that people having the option to come Saturday night vs. Sunday morning is a perk for those who work and the new location is great but the Hobart one is still pretty new – So, I would go with Africa and the online campus (if I had to choose two). As you know, I was taken back by the reports and photos from your Africa trip. It not only opened up my heart to these families but it opened my mind to how blessed we are. Looking at our civilization as a whole and how much we have, it is obvious to me that providing for these other communities by funding more water systems, biblical studies, or whatever they need is what Jesus would do. WWJD, Baby.

  6. I too attended the Saturday night service at Suncrest back at Lake Central High School. This is the item I would look forward to as an option. There are many others I am sure that work on Sundays and Sat. evening and this would give them an opportunity or at least a choice each week of which service to attend. Another service is another way to reach out to those that don’t know Jesus.

  7. In my opinion helping those in Africa is the most important thing we could do. Helping communities get clean water, medicine and schools is way more important then growing our own Church.

    I think another campus or an online campus is out of reach. We don’t really have the resources or volunteers to sustain the two campuses we have now. We are taking East down to one service for logistical reasons, and we still barely fill 1st service or any other service at west now. Why not wait to grow until we are bursting at the seems. Then we should have the resources and volunteers we need to sustain a new campus. Whether it be online or a physical campus. We have not out grown the two/one church families we have now.

    I also think a Saturday night service is not necessary. As much as I would love a Saturday service, I once again ask, do we have the resources or volunteers to sustain another service? Why add another service when we have not out grown the four services we have now?

    I know I may be the one that looks at the logistics, more then the faith aspect of growing the Church. I think we should really try hard not to out grow our resources and volunteers, but instead help those that we can while growing our resources and volunteers so when we do have an opportunity to grow we can run with it, verses stretch it.

  8. I am not sure if I know everything that would be involved, but I too like many others would like to see a Saturday service. I have heard many people over the years commenting that they would like to see this happen. I also attended Sat. evening services at times when in the high school. There are many who work Sundays and also may only have time on Sundays to visit out of town family. Just from having so many Catholic friends I know this Sat. evening service is very popular in their churches. I also like the Africa focus. Opening peoples hearts to God thru water filtering pumps is great. Putting some action behind our words. I don’t understand online campus so I won’t comment except, don’t we already have the option to listen to “podcasts” online from our church. Also people who are “shut-ins” tend to listen to ministries on the TV. I can’t see that many people using the internet. Also isn’t that isolating people from fellowshipping with others. I thought this was encouraged by Christ. I also first don’t have the facts, but all the services in St. John and what I understand in Hobart are not full so this seems expensive to add another campus. I think our church can make a much bigger impact in the community by reaching teens. I think we are missing the boat here. Our St. John facility has a lot going for it, but I see so many teens who don’t worship in the teen area and thru my own children, I know so many kids who don’t attend church. Just like you do with the younger children, why can’t our church do big public events to attract teens. These are the years they make hugh decisions and mistakes. I know this is where I am in life, but I do see so many kids who have no idea what Jesus is all about.

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