Another Race?

geist half This, of course, is the picture of 5 of us from our community group after we finished the race.  It was a great feeling.

So I have people keep asking me if I’m going to run more.  Truth is…I don’t know.  There is a part of me that wants to build on what we did and run a marathon, but I can’t run Chicago this fall.  (Sunday mornings are at a premium!)  I’ve been looking around at what else is out there.

My issues:

-If I’m going to run something I don’t want to take a break and then re-train, I just want to keep building from the half.  That means I’d like to do it sooner rather than later, but with the heat in the summer it isn’t really prime time to run one.

-The training time/coordination.  I’ve learned I do much better running with others than by myself.  And, every long training run from here on out (once/week) would be at least 2 hours of running….so 3+ hours out of a day.  Don’t see that in my calendar.

-Finding a date I can run with a marathon close by.  Sundays are automatically out and I have a lot of Saturday commitments.  There is one in South Bend in 2 weeks that could work and it’s the only one I found all summer.  I would definitely NOT get in the whole training program if I tried that.  But I might go for it if someone wanted to run it with me…anyone???

~ by Greg Lee on May 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Another Race?”

  1. I think that the option of a non-Sunday morning service is great idea.

  2. I happen to know of a half marathon comming in August. It will be in Gnog, Kenya (Africa) and is to raise money to keep Kenyan kids off drugs. I’m friends with the guy putting it on if your interested!

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