Make plans by seeking advice… Prov 20:18

I’m in Dallas with my learning community through Leadership Network.  I have the chance again to learn from some other young pastors who are peers and some incredible pastors who are so far beyond where we are in terms of experience.  I’m the luckiest guy in the world to get chances like this to hang out with people who are smarter, more seasoned and more spiritually sensitive than me.

Most of the topics are of interest only to pastors like me.  We talk about leadership issues, staff meeting dynamics, staff development and staff structures, trends in churches – spiritual and otherwise.  (Sounds boring, eh?)  We’ve been together enough now that – thankfully – most of the pride is gone and we are often sharing our mistakes hoping to save other pastors the pain we experienced (or caused!) 

The truth is…most of us got in to ministry imagining a simple calling to help people personally connect with God, but we find ourselves at the point positions of multi-million dollar organizations with a couple dozen employees who are navigating growth curves that we want to continue because (we think) have the most critical mission on planet earth. 

I’ve been to seminars and conferences.  I’ve learned from many owners and managers who attend suncrest and grew up seeing excellent business leadership modeled by my dad.  Those have all been a gift to me.  Still…church isn’t business and lead pastor isn’t CEO.  No matter how many parallels work there…some don’t.  And again this week, I’m having those gaps filled for me.

~ by Greg Lee on May 19, 2009.

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