Friends Push You

geist_logoWe all like people who affirm us.  But true friends push us.

Today I ran a half-marathon for the first time.  It felt good the whole way.  I was very pleased with my finishing time of 2 hours and 20 minutes for 13.1 miles.  And I never would have done it on my own.

Five of us from our community group ran the race today.  Three of us ran together from start to finish — we all had the exact same time down to the second!  It all started with Jeff Butera challenging others in our group to run after he did the Chicago marathon last year.  It ended with 5 of us embracing each other just past the finish line. 

These guys inspired me with their training and even working through injuries.  Two and a half weeks ago, 4 miles was the longest I had run.  Jeff and Donelle (his wife who ran with us) had been telling me I should run with them and I finally did 2 Saturdays ago.  We ran together for 9 miles and it was AMAZING to me how much better it was running with someone else!

I’m thankful to Donelle, Jeff Sanford, and Michael Switzer, and especially Jeff Butera.  Right up to our last mile today, he was pushing us to finish with a strong kick…and we did.  He pushed me to do something I never would have done on my own…and (I think) something I never could have done on my own.

Friends do that. 

Who does that for you? 

Who do you do that for?

~ by Greg Lee on May 16, 2009.

One Response to “Friends Push You”

  1. So you said, “Today I ran a half-marathon for the first time.” Any interest in running another. I was a little disappointed with my time, so I’m looking to run another this fall. Any interest? You have the gear now!

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