13.1 Miles

The half-marathon I’m running is Saturday morning in Fishers.  It will be part of a full weekend because I have a rehearsal Friday night and a wedding Saturday afternoon down there too.

Just a few thoughts…

1.  I welcome your prayers.  I’m feeling decent about it, but I ALWAYS welcome prayers.

2.  I feel guilty praying for help sometimes if I haven’t done the preparation.  I’d give my preparation a C- so pray accordingly!

3.  Right now, the forecast is for storms.  Hope it doesn’t rain, but especially hope lighting doesn’t interrupt the race.  Forecasts change all time over 48 hours, right?

4.  It’s going to be so cool to do this with 4 others from our community group.  I know it’s been a great relational connect.

5.  When we did our 9 mile run a week ago, we started in Crown Point and I asked how far we would run and found out we would run to Griffith and back!  Crazy to think about, eh?  13. 1 Miles is a long way…which means the finish line will be very cool.  I hope I can stand up for the wedding in the afternoon!

~ by Greg Lee on May 14, 2009.

One Response to “13.1 Miles”

  1. You’re crazy!!!! I’ll pray that God will get you through it.

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