I guess it makes sense.  I taught on Gratitude yesterday morning at our west campus, and I’ve been flooded with grateful expressions.  These are so encouraging about our ministry here that I thought I should share them with the difference-makers around here  – all of you who make up this wonderful church!

A facebook message from yesterday: 

“Unexpressed gratitude communicates ingratitude”…been ringing in my head all day. It convicted me especially when it comes to you and Suncrest in general.

An email from an east campus attender (Doug posted another part on the east campus blog): 

Your series about relationships helped me to recognize what I have been doing and let me say a prayer of thanks that friendship is already on the road of recovery & I wouldn’t have recognized the issue if you hadn’t preached about it.  I also want to say how much I appreciate the Celebrate Recovery program! I went for a few weeks hoping to find some answers to helping my friend…It is a wonderful program!  Well, I know I babble on, but I want to say thank you…

From the connection card on Sunday (there were more than I could ever share): 

I want to thank you for your honesty and willingness to share.  You Rock!

Thanks for the wake-up call.

I have always been grateful for this church.

We have been looking for a church for two years. We found Suncrest, we have been coming since Nov 08 & absolutely love it here. Thanks for everyone who makes it so special.

Praise God!  Dave V., Cindy B., grateful 4 all u do 2 make Suncrest rock! God Bless U all!

Thank you for bringing hope and fulfillment into my life.

And one last one that is personal to me (and will only make sense if you have heard some of my life’s story)…

Greg, I’m so thankful you didn’t go into the fertilizer business!

Thank You, Suncrest.  For making a difference in people’s lives and modeling gratitude.

~ by Greg Lee on May 12, 2009.

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