Life is better because of the moms in our lives.  I know mine is.

First, Jenny, the mother to our children.  She is the primary influence on their lives.  She teaches them…practically, academically, spiritually.  She protects them from harmful influences.  Her love is unmistakable and consistent.  She has a compassion capacity that I do not.  Best of all, Jack and Abby adore her.

Second, my mother.  I imagine we all appreciate our parents more as we grow older.  Time and perspective does that…and I guess it has to me.  I now feel the tensions and stresses of raising young children, but it seems to me that she always handled it with grace.  There are lots of things I could mention…her unconditional love, her resolve, her servanthood on all fronts…family, school, church, cub scouts…every area of life.

Third, a family of moms.  My Grandma Lee.  My Grandma Bluhm.  My mother-in-law.  Jenny’s grandmothers.  Even as I’m typing this, I wonder how it is that God has surrounded me with such consistent, strong, and loving women.  Each has their own unique influence, but I’m struck by the power of their united influence on me and my children. 

Thanks, moms.

~ by Greg Lee on May 10, 2009.

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