No place like home

April was my travel-free month in the calendar.  That’s over.

For May, I have overnight trips to Naperville, Crawfordsville, Indy, Dallas, Camp Point, IL (my hometown) and Chicago.  I think I’ll get 18 nights in my own bed this month.  Some of it is personal.  Some of it is church stuff. 

Most of them actually have a little bit of both.  Indy is a wedding and half-marathon.  On the trip to Dallas, I’m taking Abby on a free ticket I earned so she can hang out with her aunt.  Should be good one-on-one time for Jackson and Jenny while they are here.  When I’m gone this coming week, Jenny’s mom and brother are here to help.  I do try to leverage my church trips so it’s not just leaving Jenny and the kids at home.

Just looked at June…19 nights in my bed.  And July…16 nights in my bed.  Hopefully, I’m just front-loading the travel schedule so I’ll be home more in the fall when Jack starts Kindergarten.

~ by Greg Lee on May 9, 2009.

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