New Things

multi-site-discussionI spent Monday and Tuesday in Naperville for our twice-a-year gathering with the NewThing Network.  Suncrest became part of this network over 2 years ago while we were on the path to becoming a multi-site church.

What we have gained has been so much more than we imagined.  Why do I find value in it?

It’s peer-oriented, not top down.  In the picture, I’m sitting with Brian Moll of Forefront church in New York City and Dave Dummit of 242 Church near Detroit.  All of our churches launched 2nd campuses in the last 8 months and we were sharing the surprises, dilemmas, best practices that we found walking through the process.  I had learned from other guys who did the same thing at our last gathering and I’ll learn again from other guys who do it at our next one.  It’s all about working through things together.

It is more than multi-site.  We got “in” because we were launching another campus, but what we have found is the power of “reproducing” at every level — whether it is leaders, community groups, campuses or planting more churches.  The “before” and “after” pictures of Suncrest’s connection with NewThing are powerful on all these fronts.

When you share a mission you find great friendships.  We aren’t all the same, but there are a lot of common drives and dreams among us — all about spreading the gospel further and faster.  Every conversation has me walking away saying “I really like that guy.”

It has “It”.  Craig Groeschel writes about churches that have “It” — that hard-to-define element that seems to make things click and grow and make a difference in the world.  And NewThing has “it”.  Less than a year ago, I was one of 3 network leaders and there were 15 total churches.  Only 2 were multi-site.  Yesterday, my last meeting was with 6 network leaders…working with dozens of churches, almost all who have launched sites or have specific plans to do so. 

And the dream only gets bigger…let me know if you want to know more.

~ by Greg Lee on May 6, 2009.

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