Happy Day at East Campus

east-may-3Despite not physically wanting to get out of bed this morning after my run yesterday, it was so easy since I knew I was heading to east campus.  It’s only the 2nd time I’ve been there since we launched it now over 7 months ago.

Here were the highlights:

-Seeing the set-up crew at work already when I got there at 6:30am.

-Seeing faces I had not seen for a long time…love the launch team.

-Seeing faces I had never met (even though they felt like they knew me).  This was huge.  So many great handshakes with people who call Suncrest their home now.

-Teaching in a movie theater.  what great environment.

-My kids came…they love what they call the “movie theater church”.

-Going away accolades for Kevin and Patti Richardson.  Kevin is pictured during a final run through.  We could not have launched this without them.

-And…my best story of the day…Bill Foster was a key leader from the church in Hobart that closed it’s doors and shared it’s resources with us to launch something new.  Today he came up, put his arm around me and took the time to share how their relationship with Suncrest has exceeded every expectation they had.  And…most important…that as suncrest east truly reaches their community, he said “this is what we dreamed about.”

 Gotta love east campus.

~ by Greg Lee on May 4, 2009.

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