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Real Church: Does It Exist? Can I Find It?Our community group met last night.  As always, there was a good amount of laughter, some prayer and good discussion related to our study of Heaven.

If people think the defining part (or even best part) of Suncrest is Sunday morning, they are missing something huge.   I love Sunday mornings but Friday nights at our house give them a run for their money…and in a lot of ways are a better example of real “church”.

Today was cool too.   I’ve been behind on my half marathon training and some from our group are running too.  Today, Jeff and Donelle Butera asked/challenged me to do a nine mile run with them.  I decided to go for it and to my surprise I made it. 

I would have never made it on my own, but that’s one small example of finding friendship to me…helping one another stretch themselves and walking (or running) the path with them.

~ by Greg Lee on May 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Group”

  1. I have never liked to run. Walking, yes, running, no. The only thing that that could get me to run a marathon would be the encouragement and companionship of good friends. Life is a marathon, isn’t it? We’re meant to live in community.

  2. I am a walker like Lynn and agree with all Lynn says but wanted to make a comment about Sunday morning. The sermon is good and the worship as a family of believers is great, but the serving together, “being used by God to change lives” is part of the strenthening agent as well. It gives me strength for the week of walking with my Lord that follows. It is like a small group event. Those that don’t serve on Sundays or other days of the week are missing out. It all makes up being part of Christ’s family.

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