I get all kinds of invites to do things on Saturdays.  Lately, I’m turning almost all of them down.  It goes with the territory that I have church stuff on a lot of Saturdays — 7 out of the last 10 have had something — and wedding season is coming fast.

Still, today reminds me why I love Saturdays.  In the spring (and fall), I coach Jack’s soccer team in the morning and Jenny plays in her soccer league in the afternoon — which means a full afternoon for just me and the kids.  (Today it was short naps, reading books, and celebrating Albert Pujols grand slam in the Cubs/Cards game).  Evenings tend to be quiet…baths, stories, bedtimes.  A true family day is as good as it gets.

Late night, my routine is to make sure I’m ready for Sunday.  It is about refining the sermon, but in my personality, I have trouble finalizing the sermon with waiting emails or small tasks, so those tend to get done too.  It’s SO true that Church isn’t all about Sunday…at the same time it is the only chance I get to interact with 1100+ of you all it once, so it ought to be as good as it can be, right?

Saturdays are even better when I have the Sunday off!  So far this year, if I haven’t been preaching I’ve been on our elder retreat or in Africa, so my first one of the year will be Memorial Day weekend.  Can’t wait.

~ by Greg Lee on April 25, 2009.

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