Earth Day

earth_day_graphics_08.gif earth day image by mommab0713_2008Today is earth day and I’m probably too simple-minded on this, but here goes…

First…I hate the politicizing of it.  It causes us to live in the extremes and argue instead inspiring everyone to live responsibly.  It encourages the exaggeration of data/statistics on both sides so it’s hard to get a reasoned look at the real issues of global warming, clean air, renewable energy, etc.

Second…Taking care of God’s creation is a good idea — even a Godly action.  No one should resist.  It doesn’t compete for the top passion of my life, but we should all live with awareness of it.

Why isn’t it on the top of my passion list? 

  • Because it is more important to serve the creator than serve his creation
  •  Becuase it’s more important to serve people (who are made for eternity) than serve property (which is temporary and God actually designed to serve us).
  • With my time and energy and money and gifts and influence (and every other resource God has given me), I’ve always want to live in the realm of “the most important things”.

But I’m also sickened by people who ignore it.  It’s something for me that everyone should take our own responsibility for as we walk through this life.  Buy the right light bulbs.  Plant a tree.  Use energy wisely and the renewable variety when you can.  Don’t litter (and pick it up even if it’s not yours).  Recycle.  Reuse that water bottle.  In other words…do your part and I’ll do mine.  Together, we’ll leave a healthy planet for our kids.

~ by Greg Lee on April 22, 2009.

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