I love the new life that baptism symbolizes, so Sunday was a great day for me.  Over the course of the morning, we had baptisms from both West Campus and East Campus – 14 in all.  This time, most of them were children that have gone through our “LifeBuilding” process and it always generates some good questions, so I thought I would answer a few here.

1.  When should my child go through the “Lifebuilding” process?  It’s very intentional that we don’t set a specific age.  We think the right time is when the child is ready.  Often that is in their later elementary years when they start asking more spiritual questions, but it is different for every child.

2.  Do you baptize infants?  We do infant dedications that involve designating spiritual mentors and parents committing to raise their children in a Godly way.  Since baptism (in the Bible) is tied to trusting Jesus, asking for forgiveness, and finding new life, those are the markers that help us understand when a child (or adult) is ready to make their own baptism decision.

3.  Why immerse someone completely under water?  Two reasons, really.  Part of our desire is just to do things the way they were done in the Bible as much as it is possible.  Second, we believe there is power in the Biblical imagery of death, burial, and resurrection.

I know for me the day I was baptized at 9 years old still serves as a significant spiritual marker and experience.  One of the cool things that happens every time we have baptisms is that it inspires more and more people to take that step themselves.  Our pastor who coordinates these (Bobby Jackson) said more people expressed interest after Sunday.  Certainly if you have any questions are are interested in taking the step, you can contact him at

~ by Greg Lee on April 21, 2009.

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