A day for the kids…

cards-cubs1This morning started with Jack’s first soccer game of the season.  I’m coaching again, which is a blast.  Our team had been frozen out or rained out of every practice, so we went cold turkey into the first game.  The team did good and Jack was so much more focused this year.  I know some practices will help them too.

This afternoon, I took Jack and Abby to Wrigley for the Cubs/Cardinals game.  They are pictured with my younger brother, Ben, who scored the tickets for us.  For two more months Abby can get still get in without a ticket!

It went extra innings only to have the cardinals lose.  The kids did great…and enjoyed cotton candy, popcorn animal crackers, a pretzel, a hot dog…yeah, you’ve probably been there.  Uncle Ben bought Jack the Cotton Candy as his prize for winning the family NCAA pool!

In between the two games, I spent some time at Jennifer Prunsky’s house prepping for Josh’s funeral.  So many emotions.  Visitation is tomorrow (Sunday) and funeral is Monday at 10:00…all at Geisen’s in Crown Point.

~ by Greg Lee on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “A day for the kids…”

  1. Dear Greg,

    I’m glad to hear Jack is doing well at soccer. It sounds as iff he could go far playing that sport. I already know you know that Joshua dies but I wanted everyone else that doesn’t know and didn’t know that i went to school with Joshua the first year he was diagnosed, and that one of my closest friends had also died of leukemia. She was only in 8th grade, I didn’t know what my close friends last wish was… But I know what Joshua’s was.. His last very wish was to have everyone wear a jersey monday to school.. Knowing that this boy who went through extreme measures and conquered partially, but lost the fight to live… that made me sick, just like my true friend Brittany McKinney had died. I’m truefully sorry if this brings you down, but I just wanted everyone and anyone to know that was his last important wish.

  2. Hi Greg,
    I read the email from Sue reguarding Josh’s passing. Very saddened about their loss, but woundered why there wasn’t a prayer request stated in service about their loss? So, in reguards to this, was woundereing if you would consider a prayer request list before service ends for the congregation to hear! We have been attending SunCrest for over a year and a half now, and not too sure of how all the technical things work! I feel this is very important and comforting to the families going through a hard time, knowing that others are praying and know that they are in hard times. Thanks for listening!!

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