Impromptu Father-Son Outing

Our whole family was supposed to be at the Passion services last night, but Abby has come down with something and Jenny decided to stay home with the kids.  At the last minute, Jack asked if he could still go with me, so it became a father-son outing. 

The service was excellent (I got to simply worship without leading) and Jack had a blast in the kid’s area.  On the way out the door at almost 9:00pm, I asked him if he wanted to go anywhere before we went home.  He suggested getting a soft taco from Taco Bell.  By the time we got half-way to Crown Point it had changed to Dairy Queen and on our way there we instead pulled in to Baskin Robbins.

The next half hour was one of the best I’ve had in a long time:

  • Watching him pick from 31 flavors (he chose Strawberry Banana).
  • Talking about what it takes to get clean water in Africa and how easy it is at our house…he brought it up.
  • I told him the well they had to dig in Africa was 20 feet deep and to explain it I told him the ceiling in Baskin Robbins was probably 12 feet.  He said “so the well was about twice as tall as the ceiling”.  Tell me he’s not the smartest 5 year old ever.
  • He saw a sign (this place doubles as a Dunkin Donuts) where you can win $12,000 if you come up with the best idea for a new Donut.  He had all kinds of ideas (which are supposed to be put on their website, but instead he insisted we share with the manager before we left).
  • He LOVED the way they “hid” the number 31 in the baskin robbins logo (above).

On the drive home (now almost 10pm), I told him there was probably a direct correlation between how fast he got in bed and the possibility that mom and dad would think it was a good idea to stay out late for ice cream again sometime.  Pajamas on, teeth brushed and prayers finished within 10 minutes.  Good night.

~ by Greg Lee on April 10, 2009.

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