Competition…1 win – 2 losses

I’m competitive.  I embrace it.  It’s not always healthy (I have a story about getting a technical foul on my high school basketball team).  But most of the time it is. 

I had someone tell me competition is a sin once.  They are wrong.  You always need to keep your motives in check, but a drive to win isn’t wrong especially if the result is wholesome.  It makes me (and others) work harder, think more deeply, get engaged in strategic thinking, and energize the journey…to either victory or defeat.

The competitive juices have been flowing recently.  In both my NCAA pools I was on top midway through and then faded. 

In our extended family one, Jack (our 5 year old) beat 9 others in his first try ever:

Jack  1476

Ben   1427

Greg  1334

Mom   1250

Dad   1248

Megan 1090

Beth  1070

Tim   1013

Jonathan    1009

Karen 934

Eric  818

In our suncrest one, Doug Gamble won:


Bobby Jackson

Denise Tribble










Jared/Miss Sue





And yesterday we weighed in for the final time in our 3 month biggest loser competition.  I think I actually won this one.  I won’t list everyone’s stats, but since early January, I’ve gone from 206 to 178.  28 pounds.  Now the competition is over, of course, so we’ll see if other motivations kick in to keep me there!

~ by Greg Lee on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “Competition…1 win – 2 losses”

  1. Is it any wonder that a guy named ‘Gamble’ won the pool. So, just how much money are we talking about? Are we talking ‘money changers’ kind of action? Will Mr. Gamble be sporting a new SUV in the days to come?

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