I Love Leaders

I got speak Saturday morning at a church that has meant the world to Suncrest.  Community Christian Church in Naperville has transformed our leadership model, given us a framework for reproducing campuses, inspired us to think about church planting in new ways, and been the friend to call when we had questions. 

So, I jumped at the chance to speak to a couple hundred of their leaders at their monthly “Leadership Community”.  Here’s what was reinforced to me…not only do I love CCC, but I love talking to LEADERS. 

Our group leaders and ministry leaders at suncrest are my favorite people in the world.  they have the mission in front of them and own responsibility for not only their own spiritual vibrancy, but bringing others along.  Leaders, you are a special breed. 

Maybe that’s why every church I know of (and business for that matter) wishes there were more of them.  And something hit me talking to some suncrest leaders getting ready for the talk. 

Here it is:  As leaders, most of us know part of our responsibility is to reproduce ourselves in leadership.  But when we do it, I think a lot of us default to looking for someone who is a leader…who could already do what we are doing.  And we look for those, we struggle to find them (surprise, surprise…they are already leading somewhere else!). 

If we could refocus and remember that apprentice means apprentice…that by definition the person we should bring into leadership is someone who needs some coaching, teaching, modeling…some developmental pieces that will help them become a leader.  I know I’m guilty.  I need to stop looking for “already made” leaders and look for emerging leaders with potential…nothing more (and nothing less).

~ by Greg Lee on April 5, 2009.

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