Crowning Day


Been a full week. And today crowned it.

For the first time, we synced up our two campuses to be on the same week (instead of running east campus a week behind).  I recorded the message part Friday morning, but we streamed our Liberia interview (with Jenny and Denise Tribble) live using …The picture is how it looked on the big screens at the movie theater.

I hope to be able to post a link to the video soon.  Jenny and Denise did a fantastic job…and the text for my message was a very challenging one from Luke 9:57-62.  Here’s one response from the day I got on facebook.

“Great service today, Greg! Loved the “use me as a light in a dark world”. I cried during the whole Africa Q&A part of the service – definitely see myself doing a mission trip this year now. My head can not deny my heart and my heart obviously yearns to help and reach out.”

009The highlight for us was spending the day with a group from Harvest Christian Fellowship that had led our trip to Liberia.  They came for our 11:00 service and helped with our 3:00 presentation.  We got to have lunch in between and share lots of stories and meet a couple spouses who weren’t on our trip.  It just reminded me how much I love these guys!

 If you were there this morning, I hope you’ll be at West campus Tuesday night for the meeting about upcoming trips.  No excuses, right?

~ by Greg Lee on April 5, 2009.

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