People Behind Sticky Church

sticky-larryI’m getting lots of love from people who came to the Sticky Church conference about the incredible job our staff and volunteers did hosting yesterday.  At risk of making this too long, let me highlight a couple things…


1. Big Picture…Suncrest, you should know that our role today helped hundreds of churches and church leaders.  They will go back to their churches today and re-think programs done and energy spent on things that can be overhauled.  In the end, many will do church more effectively which is HUGE for the kingdom and the reason this is worth our time.


2.  We had some of the top Church leaders from around the country in our building today and they loved our team.   Hospitality, attitude, excellence…were all off the charts.


3.  When I start singling people out, there is never a good place to stop, but I have to mention 2 people:


…To nobody’s surprise…my assistant Cindy Barker.  After I offered to host the conference, she ran with it until every piece was in place…all with her normal grace.  Truth is, she put in 20 times more hours and 100 times more mental capacity into this than I did…and everything ran beautifully.  Hospitality, attitude and excellence were off the charts because Cindy is off the charts on those things.


…Also, Bobby Jackson and his team poured an enormous amount of time into this with most of it under-the-radar.  I started to list all the areas he covered and tried to start thinking of all the volunteers he had here.  Both lists got too long too fast, but we couldn’t have come close without them.  Props to Bobby for excellent leadership on all fronts and a huge time investment.


Truly everyone chipped in, though.  Mary Beth Stockdale led a great workshop, Doug Gamble kept the internet working smoothly (not an insignificant task!) and was blogging the event, David (and Leslie/Diane) got our facility in great shape, our support staff shined.


I’m the one who ends up on stage and getting the cool emails, but every Pastor there knows what I know…the real heroes in effective churches are great staff, great leaders, great volunteers.  And we have that in strong supply!



~ by Greg Lee on April 1, 2009.

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