Elders Retreat

elder-2009-retreatEvery year our elders take a weekend retreat.  we just got back.  (For those of you who don’t know, some people think of elders as the “governing” body of the church.  For us, legally that is true, but their role is defined as GUIDING and GUARDING the church).  This is our highest role of leadership, but like all Christian leadership it is marked by people who carry a servant-first humility.

Our retreat always has a few enormous agenda items for suncrest’s future and this one was no different.  We also think it is ultra-important to have some fun, team building activities together.  This year, we went to elder-2009-retreat-2Pokagen State Park over by Fort Wayne and our fun included a friendly game of Texas  Hold ’em (Randy Parish winner) and some races at an indoor race track (see pictures) where I’m declaring myself the winner.  Others may disagree. 

Our serious agenda focused on a few things:

1.  Maybe most powerful was doing accountability with one another about our own spiritual lives and struggles.  It’s too personal to share in a forum like this, but it was powerful. 

2.  We also talked about key elements and structure of an effort to raise the leadership bar among some men in our church.  It will be a rich experience that combines personal reflection, community with others, rich theology, and very practical leadership development.

3.  We also talked about (and experienced) the notion of church online.  As you can imagine, there are hundreds of questions that surround this.  Some are practical, but those are easy to sort out.  The big ones for us are Biblical/Theological and that’s where our conversations centered.  We’re moving forward, without yet committing to launching anything.  It should be interesting to see if God opens doors or closes doors on this front for us.

~ by Greg Lee on March 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Elders Retreat”

  1. Greg, You just can’t seem to win at the Texas hold’em game. Better luck next year. I was praying for you guys this week-end and kind of missed the whole experience.

  2. We missed you too, Jerry (except for your domination at the poker table).

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