Suncrest NCAA update

Seem odd that a church has an office pool?  Every church I know has one.  No Cash, just a little pride.  And the loser has to buy the winner lunch when we all go out to celebrate (we’ll use any reason we can to celebrate)!

Sue Hertzfeldt runs the pool and our founding pastor, John Wasem, gets in every year.  I’m pulling for Purdue tonight as I’m neck and neck with Bobby (I know…the worship guy???) for the lead.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out Miss Sue’s shorthand…

Here’s the scoop on the bracket from Suncrest.
53: Bobby, Greg
52: Trib
51: Cindy, Clara, Doug
50: Diane
49: DEV, Kevin, JW, Robin
48: Laurie, Patti
47: Scott
46: Leslie
45: Jared, Nathan, Miss Sue
43: MB
42: Chris
39: Melissa

~ by Greg Lee on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Suncrest NCAA update”

  1. What is the chance that Greg and Bobby fall behind Denise Tribble who is in second place???? Hey a GIRL can dream too!!!

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