taking health for granted…

What do you take for granted?  I’m sure there are a lot of things on my list, but we tend to notice them when they leave us, don’t we?

Seems like all month I’ve been fighting something health-wise.  My strategy is usually to fight through, reasoning that I can’t afford to slow down.  We had our big outreach season and a message series I thought was critically important for people, I was behind on stuff after our Africa trip, we are working through tough financial times without an administrator. 

For a week early in the month, I just “fought through” sore throat and achiness.  When it became obvious I was losing the fight, I went to the doctor.  I must have looked bad becuase in addition to the antibiotics for Strep, she gave me a steroids shot.  Of course, the result was a masking of the illness and the illusion of health, so 6 hours later I felt like a million bucks and just pushed it full-throttle again.

So now I’m feeling it again.  I wasn’t straying too far from bed or the bathroom yesterday…except for the funeral I was doing in the morning (it is still amazing to me how God does seem to give just enough strength when I need it).  Today I feel about 5% better, but all those meetings I cancelled yesterday are re-scheduled for today and tomorrow.  And Friday I leave for our annual elders retreat which always shapes some big things in our ministry.

I’ll make it…and I’ll learn (as I often do) how well most things can function without me.  I do welcome your prayers. 

And, I’ll stop taking good health for granted.

~ by Greg Lee on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “taking health for granted…”

  1. After reading the bible (newbie) and attending the church, I’ve discovered this truth (taking things for granted) unlike before. With the readings, your blog and Men’s Fraternity it helps me stay dialed in. I’ve always talked about being blessed for various reasons but now it resonates in most everything I do. I have a long way to come but I like this beginning. Thank you Greg and don’t take rest or lack thereof for granted. You’re more than just a leader of many, you’re a friend.

  2. Greg, sending you huge positive thoughts for wellness to begin to come upon you….I know your retreat will be a positive thing as well. Now, having said that, “here comes Momma Martha”….sip on some chicken broth, honey & lemon tea (NO whiskey because you are doing the Lord’s work at that retreat), gargle with VERY warm salt water , carry throat lozenges and remember to take care of yourself!! Do this for 5 days and if you are not better call me and I will rethink your treatment course…:) sure hope you get better soon!!

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