Celebrate Recovery

This morning we heard Bob’s story from his experience with encountering God and doing so through Celebrate Recovery.  It was once again a powerful story of God using our church (and others) to change a life.  That’s why we do what we do.

I said in the third service today at West campus that I’m confident most people at Suncrest have 2 thoughts when it comes to CR… 1.  They are thrilled we have it as part of our ministry (because it so powerfully changes lives).  And…2.  They figure it is for someone else…the person sitting next to them, their daughter they wish they could convince to go, etc.

That gets at our biggest CR challenge.  I think people assume CR is for those people with dramatic stories, who have hit rock bottom, suffer with a paralyzing addiction, and have no where else to turn.  Don’t get me wrong, CR can be a wonderful place for people in that circumstance…but it is also quite possibly for you.

It has been a great place of help for anyone who is struggling.  And who hasn’t had some struggles they could use some support with?  The phrase we use is that it helps us walk through any of life’s “hurts, habits, or hang-ups.”  I was talking to Bob (who shared his story) after one of the services today and he said a lady came to him expressing how much she wished her son would come to CR.  She was really struggling with the fact he wouldn’t get help. 

Here’s the point:  She figured Celebrate Recovery was for her son (and it could be).  But what she missed is that CR is for her…as she works through the emotions surrounding the situation!

Bob told her.  And I’m telling you.  If you could use a little help dealing with what life is throwing your way, Check out Celebrate Recovery this spring at suncrest.  It launches again on Monday, April 6 and then meets every week after that.  Click here for more info.

~ by Greg Lee on March 22, 2009.

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