Am I moving to Africa?

So, I must have created a little unintended mystery on Sunday with my comments about seeking God’s will, going ALL IN, and mixing it with some talk about Africa.  I had a few people ask me…and lots of people ask people around me…is Greg thinking about moving to Africa? 

There is the simple answer…which, by the way, is “no“.

And then the more complex one…

God is doing something in me through the back-to-back experiences of being in Africa and teaching this series on discovering God’s plan for your life (or my life!).  I’m wrestling with a lot of things that are good for me to wrestle with.  Here’s where I am right now with answers and more questions…

It only gets continually reinforced for me (directly from God and from – remember week 2? – wise counsel) that Suncrest is the place God wants to use me.  And, frankly, most of the time i sense this “Kingdom Assignment” is quite possibly for a lifetime. 

Wouldn’t anyone be thankful to have such a clarity and stability in regard to God’s “macro-plan” for their life?  I am, but it is also the reason for the stirring.  In my reflections about the life of trusting Jesus, stability serves one great purpose:  to provide a context to risk, to dream bigger dreams, start new things, live life on the edges.  It’s a great irony isn’t it?  Jesus said (Mark 8:35)  For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

And so that is where Liberia, Africa comes back on my radar.  My heart is broken in two ways.  One is out of compassion for the country.  The other is out of passion that a surge of people in in our church would be exposed to what we were exposed to.  And I’m wondering (now out loud for the whole world to read) what kind of difference we could make in a place like Liberia?  Liberia has 1/2 the population of Indiana and is roughly the same size geographically. And, what if we dreamed about the difference a church like ours could make over the next 30-40 years, not just over the next 12 months?   I start wondering if we could be part of changing an entire nation…

And so…the very fact that I have some confidence about God’s plan for my life leading Suncrest stirs me to think: what would he have us do that could take a lifetime?  Still blows my mind as I type it.  And I’ll keep wrestling with it…maybe for a lifetime.

~ by Greg Lee on March 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Am I moving to Africa?”

  1. Can a church like ours change a nation? That is big and bold and so very exciting when you think about it! What if God is calling us to change a nation? What a difference we, his people, would be making for Him. Blazing a trail for others to follow. The exponential factor (on many fronts) in this is mind boggling!

  2. Hmmmm……I can see that….

  3. I was going to present you with some personal facts after the sermon. Personal facts from John’s personal life. I realized soon that those facts were quite distorted to serve my own agenda. I was going to suggest that God “did spoke to me” and emphatically suggest that I remind you that you are needed right here in St. John. After all I just started attending. But then I realized that the wisdom from others that you seek would definitely not come from me.

    All kidding aside…from my brief relationship with Suncrest and you Greg, I underestimate little. Whatever stirs in your heart will be nothing short of amazing. You inspire us all to an unchartered debt. My love for the church grows stronger every week.

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