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My blogging rhythm has been messed up since the Africa trip.  First it was technology, then it was re-adjustment, now it is illness (mostly the kids, but starting to feel it myself) and odd schedules.  Busyness doesn’t keep me from blogging, but when my rhythms and routines are thrown off, blogging is what goes under.  (And training for a mini-marathon…but that is another story.)

I’ll share more on the rhythms of my life soon, but for now, a few helpful or fun tidbits about the blog…

Subscribing…My email subscription service changed from feedburner to google a few weeks ago and I’m frustrated.  Some haven’t been getting the emails, some have been found in junk mail folders (check yours), and instead of coming daily, it often groups multiple blogs and then waits a day or two to send them. 

Stats…In addition to all the subscribers, traffic has been spiking.  I marked the hit number 15,000 when the blog was over a year old.  5 months later (this week) it goes over 30,000.  I’ve posted 347 times since it’s inception.

Comments…The blog can be more than a billboard, it can be a conversation.  Truthfully, I’m just catching on to this.  Cool thing…I have more comments to my posts than posts themselves.  And I just started last week carrying on the dialog in the comments section (I used to do it by email with people who commented).

Stories…I run into non-suncrest people (ministry friends, etc) who start conversations by saying “I saw on your blog…” or people comment on my twitter/facebook status, “make sure you blog about that”.  I love the way this keeps us connected!

Design…I think mine is stale.  Some of it is content (I don’t even have an RSS feed button up on my main page!), but it is mostly the look/feel.  And the title.  “Unique Chairs” is getting old.  I’m looking for suggestions on a new name for it…feel free to comment below…

~ by Greg Lee on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Blog bits…”

  1. It’s definitely a rhythm thing for me. I am trying to post something each weekday. To help me, I just laid out a regular schedule. Mon is a weekend wrap. Thursday I pub stuff going on for the weekend. Friday is an “around the web” post. I take the weekends off. That leaves Tues & Wed for “content.”

    I’m definitely getting Eastview people who know me through the blog first and then come to meet me after a service.

    I get a lot of traffic but not many comments. Any suggestions on livening up the conversation?

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