Prayer Requests

I just finished taking my first read through/pray through of our prayer requests that people write in the services and turn in on the connection card each Sunday.

5 pages of prayer requests…a lot of hurt, a little praise, job losses, marriage problems, health issues, and spiritual dilemmas.  In other words…real life.  I read them/pray them every week.  I do it primarily because I know God responds to our prayers and I think  it really can make a difference. 

I also do it becuase it helps me preach each Sunday.  On good Sundays, I’ve had people ask me if I had been spying on their family…suggesting that the teaching scratched where they itched or felt like personal advice for some reason.  I don’t have a camera in your living room, but these prayer requests are a great window to look through.  They keep me grounded int he every day needs of people’s lives.

If you want to join our prayer team and get the NON-CONFIDENTIAL requests each week, just email me or leave me a comment and we’ll get you signed up.

~ by Greg Lee on March 10, 2009.

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