028Liberia’s infrastructure is essentially non-existent.  It was under-developed to begin with and then was ravaged by years of civil war.  Electricity?  The only places we experienced it was because there were generators.  But electricity is a small infrastructure challenge compared to clean drinking water.

And that’s where Travis came in.  Travis was a member of the team form Harvest Fellowship who had become an expert on the water systems that they had shipped to Liberia.  So many aspects of our trip were about giving people a “hand up” not just a “hand out” — about teaching people to fish, not just giving them a fish.  Travis’  job wasn’t just to install a system, but to train the Liberians about how to install and maintain the systems.  You should have seen him training them (picture below) and then witness their reaction when we Americans were drinking the water from their dirty well after the system had cleaned it. 

Now, we can just ship more systems as funds are available they can be installed through churches in Liberia.  Then, they have a ministry Jesus talked about in Matthew 10, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.”

I mentioned Sunday how one of the doctors told me that just having clean drinking water would solve a host of medical issues they faced.  Amazing, isn’t it? 


~ by Greg Lee on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “H2O”

  1. Greg,
    I had lunch with Denise on Wed. and had such a wonderful time hearing about her Africa trip. Most of the things she told me about the people and the country are really unbelievable……..the little things like, they don’t have mirrors and have never seen what they look like. The fact that most of the kids don’t go to school and therefore don’t know anything about a structured day or how to “line up”. I think it would be very interesting and informative to see your pictures/videos and hear about the trip. I’m sure alot of people would enjoy this. I would also like my children to see what this country is all about and see how others live. So….if you ever want to get everyone together and tell the stories once and for all I’m sure you would get very good attendance. Hint! hint!

  2. I concur! We can all grow as a family. I haven’t had the privilege of talking to anyone directly but it sure has been a blessing to read this account.

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