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blog-2-071blog-2-066blog-2-048blog-2-039blog-2-005Here is a little more and with the slow connection, it may be all I can make work for today.  I’ve tried to include some pictures of with people from Harvest Christian Fellowship so those folks can see some of their friends also.

On Day 2, we worked on the same projects, but as word got out in Monrovia that we were here everything intensified.  The medical clinic had people lined up at 4am (we start when we get there after fighting morning traffic…always after 9am).  One of the nurses told me the sickness was much more significant today.  I’ve now had the heartbreaking experience a couple of times of having people beg me to get their child in to see the doctor, but having to turn them away because there simply is not enough time to see everyone.

We had a huge day at VBS also with nearly 400 children.  It’s chaos…in a good way.  Jenny and I had 80 Liberian kids in our small group with 2 Liberian helpers.  Nearly impossible to teach since we are under a makeshift open sided tent with the 300 other kids.  And, among things that would never happen in the USA, we are within 25 feet of the construction site for the church building.  Seriously, they are bending re-bar, welding rebar and mixing concrete (by hand) within that distance!

Main thought from Day 2:  I got to talk with Danny about the fruitfulness of their ministry and the potential for more.  Their vision is huge and they long for workers and, of course, resources.

~ by Greg Lee on February 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “More from Liberia”

  1. Oh, may God bless you. You will never know how many ways you are touching these children’s lives. Yes, there is always more than we can possibly do.

  2. Praying for you and your team, Greg. Look forward to hearing the stories.

  3. Greg, tears of joy here that you and your wonderful team are there and we know you will make a difference!! We take so much for granted don’t we? All of you will touch the hearts and lives of both adults and children and make it known that God loves them…and I am certain they will touch your hearts as well. Good Luck, God Speed!…….

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