The Adventure Begins

046011004I’m sitting on the 8 hour flight from London to Nairobi Kenya typing this. I just downloaded the pictures we took during our 7 hour layover in London that followed our 8 hour flight there. It’s been great to meet the team from Harvest Christian Fellowship in Muncie. They have 22 people on this trip – about 10% of their church! And they all have such a clear desire to let God use them on this trip.

Ever wonder how an 7 hour layover works in London?

• Hour 1 – get off plane, get washed up and store extra bags

• Hour 2 – take the Piccadilly line of London’s “Tube” (their version of the “L” or subway) from Heathrow Airport into the city

• Hour 3 & 4 – take a “Big Bus” tour of all the big sights in London. The open-air double-decker bus is great for seeing the city. Not so great for 44 degrees and a steady drizzle! The pictures above include a common street-scape in London, some of the team on the bus with Big Ben and Parliament in the background, and one Denise Tribble took of Jenny and me in an English phone booth.

• Hour 5 – Take the Tube back to the Airport (with one minor adjustment after you realize you are on the wrong train)

• Hour 6 – Washrooms, check-in, security

• Hour 7 – boarding the plane. This plane is huge and they allowed almost an hour to board it.

If you are seeing this on my blog, it means I have internet access in the Nairobi Airport. It may be my last for a while…never know I guess. After a 3 hour layover there, it will be a 9 hour flight from Nairobi to Monrovia, Liberia. Once there, we will hit the ground running working with the Buegar’s and the church there. Decent sleep is at a premium, but we’ll make it.

We can’t wait to see Danny and Bea and serve the church there with all of our heart.

~ by Greg Lee on February 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Adventure Begins”

  1. Hi! You don’t know me, but I go to Harvest. I loved reading your blog, and especially the second picture. It was awesome to get to see my church family in London!!!

  2. […] experience for them, as well as good for the people in Liberia, who need encouragement. Greg has info and photos on his blog. Please pray every day until their […]

  3. I’m praying for you every day!! My heart is with you – we love Danny and Bea and their children too.

  4. We were in London when the kids were young. Yes, we had four kids with us, and they were ages 4-12 then. Timmy left his friend “Bear” in the airport and we had to have an escort back through customs to find him, safe and sound. Ah, the memories!

  5. It was great to see the pictures and the blog! I love the photo of you & Jenny in the wonderful Red Telephone booth…aren’t they awesome looking? So glad you are moving along without incident…..I know you are soaking up the scenery, architecture and everything as you move along across the world…..we are praying for you!

  6. Clark: “Look kids…Big Ben and Parliament…”


    praying for you!


  7. Love reading your blog. My grandaughter,Ashlynn is going to Kenya in May with her school “Oilvet” I am praying God will use you to bless the people there.
    What an awesome time for you and Jenny

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