Cool plans.

faithIf you know me, you know I’m a  fan of other churches.  It takes all kind of churches to reach all kinds of people.  Denominational labels don’t matter much to me.  Styles don’t either.  We are pretty clear on the kind of church God wants Suncrest to be, but we are confident his plan for us isn’t his plan for everyone.

Yesterday, I got to have breakfast with Bob Bouwer who is the pastor at Faith Church in Dyer. We only get to connect like this every few months, but we wish it was more.  God is moving in Faith church and in Suncrest in some dynamic ways.  He’s given us some similar visions (hearts for people far from God and a multi-site strategy) and also some differences in our DNA.  This much I know…Faith is doing a great work and Bob is a humble guy who I learn things form every time we are together.

Here’s my favorite part from our breakfast.  It looks like our 2 churches are going to partner on something significant this summer.  Some real creative approaches to it also…Can’t wait to fill you in on more details.

~ by Greg Lee on February 13, 2009.

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