Big Decisions

This week our Business Management Team and Elders met on back to back nights.  It was good to have some discussions with them as we see how the new year starts and start to frame where the ministry is going.

Here are a couple big picture things we are looking at in these two meetings and how we are processing them right now.

1.  For the last 3 years we have received a major special offering in the spring.  All have been for a specific purpose and all have received over $100,000.  So…what about this year?  There is no shortage of needs that could be tackled if we did a similar offering again, but our sense right now is that this is not the right time.  And the big issue for us is that we do not want to take generosity for granted and just ask because “we can” or “it has always worked”.  It doesn’t mean there won’t be a time to do another one, but I appreciate the sensitivity of the elders and BMT to push pause on this initiative.

2.  We don’t anticipate launching another campus in 2009, but we told all of our group and ministry leaders last week that we dream about launching 2 campuses in 2010.  If we do two, one would likely be an online campus.  And that…legitimately…raises some great questions.  Our elders had already committed to reflecting on this for 3 months at the start of the year (practically, but even more so biblically).  We’ve had some robust discussion about this within the eldership, but we feel like the best questions/insight come when we invite leaders to give us their thoughts/hesitations/affirmations/fears/uncertainties.  So, today we’ll contact all those leaders asking for their help in guiding this decision

~ by Greg Lee on February 12, 2009.

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