4 Days to Africa

This will likely be the theme of my posts this week…and next week.  I’ll blog as I have internet access next week in Africa, but I’m expecting that to be pretty limited.

-We leave for Liberia on Saturday, but we won’t get there until Monday.  After encountering our 5th airport later we will touch down in Monrovia, have a short chance to clean up, and head right to a welcome dinner put on by our hosts.  It’s then one good night’s sleep (hopefully) and up the next morning to start serving.  VBS, medical clinic, construction…whatever it takes!

-Just found out from our church planters there that I’ll get to teach the joint Sunday school class at their church in Monrovia next Sunday morning.  He wants me to talk about what it means to “follow” Jesus.  Can you say “The 4 C’s”?

-We are working on different tech pieces to try to do a live video link in our suncrest services on Sunday, Feb 22.  We’ve tested www.ustream.com (good option, but only one way communication), www.tokbox.com (great site, but probably better designed for one-on-one communication.  Today we are looking at www.skype.com (had lots of recommendations on this) and I just had another recommendation for www.oovoo.com.  If you have Internet available, why use the phone anymore?  These are all free.

-More to come.  Please do pray.  Lots to come together in these last 4 days.

~ by Greg Lee on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “4 Days to Africa”

  1. Hey Greg…just a note to let you know that we will be praying for your trip to Africa. I know that God is going to do great things through your trip. Looking forward to seeing your updates!


  2. Hello Greg and “Team”…I can feel the excitement from here! Will and I shall be praying for you all during your trip to Africa! Please pass on my warmest regards to Danny & Bea. Blessings to you all……can’t wait for the updates!!

    Will & Martha

  3. How exciting! I have been praying and will continue to pray for a safe trip, lots of good opportunities, and the chance to see God at work. Regards to Danny and Bea.

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