Africa…9 days away.

Some stuff I’m realizing…

-How God has pulled this all together pretty quickly…from adjusting schedules to Jenny’s sister having the freedom to come hang with our kids.

-How supportive everyone has been…especially financially.  Our church.  Our family.  A network of friends and other churches I have tried to bless along the way.  It’s amazing how it comes back to you.

-That “25 hours on the plane” isn’t combined for the trip there and the trip back.  It is one way!

-That our missionaries there recommend sleeping under a mosquito net each night. 

-That the malaria pills I start taking this Sunday are known to cause hallucinations.  Fun?

-That over the last 14 years, our missions ministry at Suncrest has invested over $100,000 in the Church planting ministry there.  Can’t wait to personally thank Danny Buegar for his faithful leadership and see the fruit of such an investment.

~ by Greg Lee on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “Africa…9 days away.”

  1. Don’t forget to take Dramamine in case you go on any bumpy rides… I didn’t notice queasiness from the anti-malaria meds until I got back and went sailboat racing … 3 seperate times that summer and I had never had a problem before or since…..can’t hurt to take it just in case… i lost a bit of weight too because i just wasn’t that hungry in Haiti for some reason… not sure if it was the heat or the food or the meds…. should be a nice perk for the “Biggest Loser” competition. Have a blast! Mary

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