All Staff…and some perspective

Once a month, we gather for an all-staff meeting.  Full-time/part time doesn’t matter.  Ministry Staff/Office support staff/custodial staff.  We are all there.  I think it’s really important to get everyone in the room to talk through things from time to time.

As with every church and business I know, the economy and finances are on our mind and become part of the conversation about how to accomplish the most ministry…So I shared the most ludicrous thing I have read in the last few months.  I’ve removed the names because I have no desire to attack someone else.  But, I do wonder if what gets said here isn’t actually true for some in ministry…a mindset we slip into when we have lost our focus.  Here it is:

 On Sunday, November 12, ___________Church held a ceremonial mortgage-burning in each of its three morning worship services. _______loaned the church nearly $15 million almost five years ago to facilitate construction of the church’s 150,000 square foot, first-phase facility, which sits on a 146-acre campus.

On the morning of the ceremonial mortgage burning, Pastor _______________ called it “the largest and most significant celebration in our 38-year history.”

Really?  The mortgage burning?  The most significant celebration in the church’s history? 

Was paying off the debt more significant than…

…the marriage just restored?

…the child who understood Jesus in her class last week?

…the teenager who experienced God’s grace in his small group?

…the addict who is finding freedom in Jesus?

…the lost person who found faith?

…the baptisms in last week’s serivce?

I’m not taking away from a great accomplishment of retiring debt…just putting it in perspective.  As I’ve learned from the Scriptures…  Money makes  great servant, but a lousy God.

~ by Greg Lee on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “All Staff…and some perspective”

  1. Just one more example of the infinite wisdom of scripture…why I love Suncrest so much is that retiring debt, while a good goal, would never be looked upon as one of our greatest accomplishments. That you would post this to keep our perspective on task, is just one more reason I praise God for your leadership for our church. On another note, your sermon this past weekend was so refreshing. To have a pastor have us dig deep in our soul for the passion of service and not just a drive to guilt folks into filling vacant spots…how much more effective and sincere is that message.

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