Cleaning Out…

A few things that caught my attention this week and might be worth yours…

1.  An article from the Tribune about the trend toward churches meeting in movie theaters…Click here

2.  For all my family and friends who call Illinois home, this picture:


3.  An article by Larry Osborne that hit me in the gut as a Pastor/Leader who can be unrealistic…Click here

4.  I’m in a group with my brothers that predicts each NFL game.  I stink at it, but get this…My older brother won the local area contest for the whole season (1st place out of 900 people) and got 41st out of 145,000 people nationally.  Way to go, Tim!

5.  Tried to run 2 miles today, but my right calf quit at one and a half miles.  Thought it was a cramp, but it has gotten worse through the evening.

6.  12 days until Africa…wow.

~ by Greg Lee on February 2, 2009.

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