Arizona Cardinals 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Bear with me here…I predicted Bears games all year long and was BAD at it.  You think I’m going to let that stop me from predicting the Super Bowl?

There are a lot of reasons I like the Cardinals in this one…and most of them are more sentimental than substantial:

1.  I grew up rooting for the Football Cardinals while they were in St. Louis.  They were terrible.  In fact, the franchise has gone as long without a Super Bowl appearance as the cubs have without a world series appearance.

2.  I had a Jim Hart jersey growing up, but mostly imagined myself as Otis Anderson, Roy Green, or Pat Tilly.  Later, it was Neil Lomax.  Never Dan Dierdorf (Who imagines himself as a lineman?)

3.  The only NFL game I saw in person during my childhood was the Football Cardinals.  Ironically (now that I’m a huge Bears fan) I was rooting them on as they beat Chicago on October 14, 1984 with my dad, my uncle Bill, and my older Brother.  Box Score of the game if you click here — amazing what you can find online, eh?  I didn’t get it at the time, but best part of day was seeing Walter Payton score a touchdown.

4.  As for the actual game…I like Kurt Warner’s story and experience.  Larry Fitzgerald is incredible.  And their Defense and Running game has come alive in the play-offs.  I don’t like Ben Roethlesburger, but I do have a lot of respect for the Steelers D and their head coach, Mike Tomlin.

~ by Greg Lee on January 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “Arizona Cardinals 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 24”

  1. First of all nice pick — same result as all year picking bears games. And also, nice job of posting the logo for LAST YEAR’s Super Bowl (42).

    And you forgot one detail about the only pro football game you ever saw in person as a kid — on the way home, Dad had to pull the car over to the side of the road so you could lose all those hot dogs you ate at the game!!!

  2. It was one “jumbo hot dog” to be precise. Haven’t eaten one since!

  3. Very close pick Gman! I was rooting for the birds, but didn’t think they would get as close as they did. Great game either way even if the Dolphins weren’t in it!

    What precisely do you not like about Big Ben? Right now without playing any more he is an on the fence Hall of Famer (this coming froma huge Marino fan). A couple more seasons and he will be a shoo-in. Two Super Bowl titles, a great playoff record and the most wins by any QB in NFL history in his first 5 years in the league. Check it out.


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