Not just new, but substantial…

Let’s be honest.  I’m not the most edgy guy in the world.

I drive a plain, efficient compact car.  When I’m driving, I listen to AM radio or other people’s sermons.  My mom usually cuts my hair and does so with a pretty conservative look.  My fashion limits don’t really push beyond names like Dockers and Nike.  In fact, there is even a part of me that pushes back against things that I think are just faddish in style.  Everything in me would rather be respected than considered cool

However, there is something happening in our world at a SUBSTANCE level, not just a STYLE level.  A new way people are communicating.  New realities our world is facing.  New environments for relationships to grow and the gospel to be spread.

Some who have been doing non-traditional church for 15 years now comment with sarcasm that many churches out there are “ready to go if the 1950’s ever come back around”.  Sad but true.

My fear…those same people are now leading churches that are “ready to go if the 1990’s ever come back around”.  And it’s not (mostly) about being cool.  Not about using hip-hop music in worship.  Not about making the “lobby” of your church look like starbucks.  It’s so much more substantial than that…

I might write some more reflections on this later, but the video below is a must see about the changing nature of our world.  And…why if Global and Mobile are not central to your understanding of future ministry you deserve to be the punch line of this new generation’s ministry jokes.

~ by Greg Lee on January 30, 2009.

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  1. Wow. It confirms my decision to go back to school. And check into

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