Key word for Africa Trip: Flexibility

Map of LiberiaWe’ve been getting a lot more details on our trip to visit Suncrest Missionaries Danny and Beatrice Buegar within the last few days  Here are some interesting updates.

1.  Denise, Jenny and I will serve on a 10 person American team doing a Vacation Bible School for the church there.  I found out today they are expecting as many as 400 kids!  That means when we break into groups, we’ll each be in charge of 40 children with the help of a Liberian volunteer.  Wow.

2.  Maybe you have seen on the news that there is a food shortage in Liberia.  Great timing, eh?  We are actually in good shape because our breakfast and dinner meals are already there.  They did ask each of us to pack a bag of rice for us to have lunch!

3.  Not enough beds for everyone, so I’m taking an air mattress there that I’ll be sleeping on.

4.  29 hours of total flight time…not counting long layovers in London and Nairobi, Kenya.

5.  We each get one suitcase at a max of 50 pounds for an 11 day trip…seriously.  We’ll each take a second suitcase, but they will be full of supplies for the team and items to give to the Liberians.

6.  If you’ve ever been on a mission trip or out of the country, you know that FLEXIBILITY is huge.  I think of myself as  a “roll with the punches” kind of guy.  We’ll see.

For a good summary on the country of Liberia, Click Here.

~ by Greg Lee on January 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Key word for Africa Trip: Flexibility”

  1. This will be a great geography lesson for Cody and Aimee. We will be praying for you and the team while you are there. Thank you.

  2. I have set up a Google alert for blogs that mention Liberia. Your blog came up in my email today. While I was reading your blog today and realized you are going to Liberia with us in a couple of weeks. I am also serving with Matt Lee on the VBS. I will plan to help out with the medical clinic, building and women’s conference. Will you be coming to our “Africa Night” at the church tomorrow night?

    I am looking forward to the trip and getting to know your group.

  3. Greg,
    I realize you are going to have to “carry in” everything you will be using etc. You say you will have about 400 children in Sunday School….I remember that when my son Bart & his daughter did a mission trip in a remote mountain area they also had to carry in all they would use etc. I sent 4 soft clear plastic tubes each containing 100 colorful hair bands for the girls…they loved them..I have pictures of them wearing them proudly! The boys were a little more difficult to find small things to send….I finally settled on a mix of nail clippers, chapsticks, and sport sox……do you think any wee gifts could be included in your huge, list of items you are transporting? I would be honored to help.
    What a journey you are on! I wish you all God Speed! We will be praying for your every step…..
    actually …your lay-over in London Heathrow may become your most challenging part of the journey!:) Not to worry you but Heathrow is where I got the “pat down, thorough search” because something, (possibily the 2 screws in my left toe) kept making the system alarm activate…..Good luck 😀

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