I knew I should post this when I saw it

I saw this the other day and it captured me for a couple of reasons.  

1.  Because we fail when we stop to see our leaders (government or otherwise) as real people…and this gives us some insight on that.

2.  Whether president or pastor or something else, I think it has a powerful message for the children of anyone who does life in the public eye.

It was done for the today show and is a message from the Bush twins to the Obama girls.  It’s worth the next 3 minutes of your day…

~ by Greg Lee on January 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “I knew I should post this when I saw it”

  1. How beautiful. If we could all put our judgements and feelings aside and reach out in the love of Christ. With such a simple message as they did.

  2. thanks Greg… what an incredibly human touch. a great way to start my morning

  3. Thanks …..it was/is very moving…..showing the real “human” aspect!….

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you for posting it. I know I am proud of my daddy. No matter how people feel about decisions he has made at the time. No matter if it isn’t cool to be a preacher, no matter what.

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