Sticky Church Conference

sticky09_conference04I’ll probably post on this a few times between now and the conference as more highlights become available.  Here’s what we know right now.

-Suncrest will host a 1-day version of the conference on Tuesday, March 31.

-If you are a Suncrest attender, we are working out a special registration process for you!

-If you are a church leader, this thing is a great deal.  You get Larry Osborne (author of Sticky Church), Dave Ferguson and Scott Chapman all in one day.

-The price is super-reasonable at $99 until the end of this week…and the one-day format keeps travel costs way down.

Click here and read this note form Larry about the conference.

-Suncrest’s own Mary Beth Stockdale will lead a workshop about utilizing technology and social media to make your church sticky.  (I’m probably listed too, but she is driving it!)

Click here for all the details on the conference.

Hope to see you in March!

~ by Greg Lee on January 26, 2009.

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