Technology Evangelist?

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I’m passionate about some things…so I try to spread the word liberally about what I’ve found to be the best of life.

#1 on that list always has been and always will be Jesus.  Embracing him offers salvation beyond this life and an amazing (but not easy) life on this earth.  I want everyone to know.

A few notches down that list are ultra-practical things in life that just make life more fun, enjoyable, help maintain relationships, etc.  For me, Facebook and Twitter are two technology pieces that I think everyone should explore.  You might find they aren’t for you, but I was a skeptic once too.  Now, I’m a true believer.

If you aren’t on facebook yet, you just missed your chance to be in the first 200 million people signed up (and facebook did not exist 5 years ago)!  It can be used casually or intensely.  It can be a worthwhile or a time-waster.  That’s all up to you.  The biggest change I’ve noticed in the last few months is how much the 30-61 age range (so that includes you, mom!) has picked up steam in using it.  So, go sign up for it and send me a friend request.

Twitter is different in that it is more specialized and it’s usefulness (at this stage) might be more limited in scope right now, but the potential for it is limitless! That will only be more and more true as more people use it.  Right now, there are about 5 million of us.  Want to make it 5,000,001?

~ by Greg Lee on January 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Technology Evangelist?”

  1. wow, those are crazy numbers! no wonder people say “nothing is official until its on facebook” and call Twitter the “twitterverse”… I’ll probably give in soon to Twitter…

  2. Never tried Twitter or even heard of it. LOL SAHM is not up to date on techno stuff! Guess I will have to check it out. The first time I heard of Twitter was yesterday from Doug!

  3. Check out Doug’s blog to find out who at Suncrest is twittering. You can find me on Twitter here @mbstockdale . Give it a try!

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