My favorite email today

It is amazing how technology is opening ministry opportunities…



Hi Greg,

My name is Dawn and I live in Hong Kong. A friend of mine – Jen Skidmore- recommended me to listen to your podcast and I have been for the past 6 months.

I have recieved a lot of revelation from God through your teaching and the current series on Making Change has been hitting me hard (where it hurts!).

I just wanted to say “Thanks” and really encourage you. What God is doing through you is having a wider impact than you could possibly imagine.

Thanks for being faithful to deliver what God is saying to you and stepping up to speak truth in a relevant way that is having an impact on my life.


~ by Greg Lee on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “My favorite email today”

  1. This blog made me think of the 3 new people who attended church this past Sunday. All 3 were people I went to high school with and it was a big surprise to see them at our church. One friend was visiting from CA and the other couple live in the area. I talked to them after and mentioned that it probably wasn’t the best sermon to hear when visiting only because it had to do with money and giving and that is hard for some people to listen to. Their response was all positive to the tune of “that’s what we need to hear”, “Greg did a great job with it”, and “I can totally relate”.

    Thanks for all your hardwork and your great sermons Greg!

  2. Wow – I have goose bumps! What an awesome email to get.

    You know this about me already, but I love you, Greg and God is doing amazing things through you.

  3. I love it that our church does a series on money/finances every year about this time, because I need the reminder. And Greg, you always handle tricky subjects so well. I second Amanda’s comment.

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