So I taught on tithing this morning…

And I feel OK about it tonight.

Not great, but OK.

Came across some interesting stories of  guests there for their first visits and some who are new, but happened to miss this morning.  This is, of course, the biggest fear on this teaching topic.  If I had all suncrest folks in the room…even all believers in the room, I’d probably handle it differently than with the sensitivities of newcomers and non-believers in this hot-button issue for some.

Still, in the 2nd and 3rd services today, I felt like I threw down pretty hard (too hard?) on husbands who hold their wives back from generosity.  It’s hard to say I want to talk “man to man” then call out the guy’s role as spiritual leader, and finish the section with the words “Man Up” without it feeling pretty direct.

Really wrestling in retrospect if that was the right/best way to do it today.

In the end, it’s my genuine prayer that everyone find the joy, satisfaction, and blessing that comes with substantial generosity.  I hope people moved toward that today.

~ by Greg Lee on January 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “So I taught on tithing this morning…”

  1. I don’t fall in the first timer category but feel passionate about the following nonetheless. Every household is unique and it is nearly impossible to deliver a one size fits all message. I thoroughly enjoyed your delivery in the fashion that only you can present it. The “man up” piece did not apply to me but I was not offended at all. You are doing your best to reach out and I did learn something about myself.

    For those that are new, I implore you to put your trust in Greg’s message. His candor will take you on a thought provoking journey. The sincerity and preparation that I’ve witnessed is unparalleled. We’ve attended for exactly two months.

  2. I would have to say that your message was awesome!!!! I can understand the hesitance in the area of newcomers, but it was a great balance of “safe” and truthful. My husband and I talked about it after service and thought that it was a perfect message to give. People do need to trust in God with all aspects of their life and money is usually the one people don’t. We, too, are firm believers in tithing and giving and the blessings that come from it so it was refreshing to hear. And the man up comment was completely awesome!!! Don’t feel bad or rethink it at all, it was done respectfully but it was exactly what men needed to hear and women were probably glad you said it.

  3. Hey
    I like your “Man Up” comments, but wonder in how many households it is really the husband that keeps the family from tithing. In my experience (with Financial Peace classes I have taught), I can think of about 7 conversations I have had with couples where both spouses are believers….where the wife was the one hesitating to give dues to “security” concerns. The 3 times I can think where the husband was the roadblock, he was either the newer believer in the relationship or not a believer at all. Know this is not a definitive study, but would be interested in knowing how often this is really the case.

  4. I agree that this is a very difficult subject to talk about and I am very proud of Suncrest to not shy away from the teachings of the bible. I was curious about one of the verses used in the sermon, Luke 6:38. Next group, if you or I remember, i’d like to talk more on it.

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