Measuring our Ministry?

I like numbers.  They are so rational, finite, clear, logical.  I like stories.  They are so complex, inspiring, intriguing, powerful.

How do you measure fruitfulness as a church?  I think you have to use both.  On this blog, I’ve tried to tell a lot of stories…at the very least ones that are inspiring to me.  This is a good medium for that.  For those more interested in something quantitative, here’s look back at some numbers we think are important from 2008:

Campuses:  2 (second launched in september)

Average Attendance:  1002 (among best growth years ever, already averaging over 1100 so far in 2009)

Average Offering: $23, 292 (up 6%, but since june trend was not good.  Past years grew 10-20%)

Baptisms:  59 (had a big goal of 100 that we did not hit, but up over 10%)

Volunteer Leaders:  80 ministry and community group leaders, plus 13 coaches/leaders of leaders (A primary focus of 2009 is to grow this number as volunteer leader numbers have not grown in correlation with attendance growth).

Special Offering Responses:  $39,000 to benevolence (up 30%), $111,000 to new campus (similar amount to past special offerings), $5300 to church plant on church planting Sunday (similar to past).

Connect:  50% of adult attendence in 37 Community Groups  (Healthy compared to other churches; our goal is 70%)

Contribute:  435 adults/teens/children serving somewhere (Our goal is to not only increase this number, but focus on people serving more and more in their strength areas).

~ by Greg Lee on January 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Measuring our Ministry?”

  1. So excited for what god is doing at Suncrest. I am freauently remembering you in my prayers. Hope you have a great 2009.

  2. Rock on, crouton! Fabulous news… you go, God!

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